Heuneburg and Mettis

Holistic spirituality before the introduction of book religions

The old Celts still knew it. The „other world“ – is quite different from the „beyond“ of the religions. The beyond of the dual religions is a free invention to make people believe that they are separated from the „source“ – this makes them much easier to control, because they then cut themselves off from the source with their sick, overdeveloped ego.

This world and the „other world“ are „ONE“. This is what is real – don’t let yourself be fooled any further. Towards the end of the Hallstatt period, druidism developed, which then spread this realization – all over Europe. Celtic Europe stretched from Ireland/Scotland to Northern Italy and from Spain to Poland and Turkey. Since about 1200 B.C.E., protocolic tribes from what is today Baden-Württemberg controlled the amber trade from the Baltic Sea to Egypt and Mycenae (today Greece). Celtic traders were even found in the Taklamakan desert. There were also very productive connections with India; the Vedas and the Druidic teachings are very similar – only the Celts lived it a bit more dynamically. The Indian Kali and the Celtic Morrigan are the same characters and there are many more – but we are not supposed to know all that, because then it’s over and done with.

Well… in the course of time I actually got access to the other world – but hardly anyone believes that.

O.k. – that starts with the decision to develop a holistic consciousness. Then something a little bit scary starts: the otherworld organizes your life……..

Then it’s all up and down until you get to the path you’re supposed to take. With me, it took two bankruptcies and a few other changes. That could cause a panic. I wouldn’t want to miss any of it.

Then it suddenly becomes apparent what one should actually do. And signs and wonders actually happen. But even that is only temporary until you build up enough trust to work directly with those in the other world…..It is more like a big castling match…. Everything is being restructured. They are trying very hard! And that goes into the smallest detail!

On the way you will also find aids that make communication easier – for example, a tensor (one-handed rod) helps me communicate with them at the beginning, so I can communicate very clearly with them – also with trees and animals and also with other spiritual beings.

You realize that you are part of a soul family. Our soul family is exactly 666 members large – so in absolute terms, very small. About 360 of them are currently incarnated.

The cooperation with the Otherworld is not limited to „spook“ – I also work with it in the technical development area. Meanwhile I get a direct answer to all questions – as good as it can be answered at the moment – it’s really astonishing.

The whole thing accelerated again when I met my twin soul – „They“ organized that too, it was so unbelievable, nobody could have imagined it.

From the communication with the trees, the networking of the trees by means of crystals has emerged, this is an important step to link the trees and forests worldwide .

Now the Otherworld has led us to an ancient place of worship, a so-called „calendar building“ in Baden-Württemberg. It was also connected with a settlement called Mettis and probably belonged to the economic and cultural area of the Heuneburg, which is located 30 km north of Mettis on the Danube. In contrast to the cult complex in Bad Saulgau (halfway between Heuneburg and Mettis), which is covered with a church, the cult complex in Mettis is still active and, so to speak, alive. By the way, the cult complex in Bad Saulgau was built over very precisely. The calendar building is right under the chancel, the alignment to the festival place is the same as today’s market place.

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We are now in the period of about 2200 years ago, the time of the heyday of „Celtic“ Europe. From Mettis, a so-called „processional route“ led north, towards the Heuneburg It is not difficult to assume that such a place was not only used to determine the seasons and the position of the sun – the measured annual events were transformed into lively festivities right on the spot.

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It was first built 4200 years ago

This is exactly what I should now elaborate on and explain in more detail – because it is definitely very useful for the „grounding“ of holistic spiritual insights.

For this purpose the Otherworld has given us extensive information from the past so that we can describe it clearly and authentically. Here I would like to mention that the old Celtic spirituality has nothing to do with „faith“. This world and the other world are ONE – I have already mentioned this. The key to access the Otherworld does not lie in special rituals or certain „magic formulas“. There is no need for a special „guru“ or other „superiors“, nor a supposed „mediator“ like the priests of the religions. It only needs an appropriately trained, holistic consciousness. This means to leave the dual world of the material and the sick ego and to integrate oneself and one’s ego into this holistic being.

For it is only and exclusively a sick, overdeveloped ego that sees itself as separate from everything that IS and believes itself to be a great master. Well – you can see what has come out of it. In this state one blocks all access to the other world.

But now back to our story.

My twin soul and I grew up in Carinthia, in the Celtic settlement of Virunum on the Magdalensberg. I completed my druid training very easily and on the way I married my twin soul? My later elf queen.

There was also a priestess of the Noreia, with whom we were friends – and who is currently incarnated in Mecklenburg Vorpommern and with whom I am now friends again. Somehow it happened that I was called to the Heuneburg with my wife, where we lived and worked.

A special feature were the solstice celebrations. These were celebrations that divided the year into two cycles – and were therefore celebrated with particular intensity.

These feasts – like all the others – had nothing to do with „sacrifices“, nothing was „sacrificed“ at all? It had more to do with „holy wedding“…..

This cult could only be performed by the druid and his wife. Man, woman and the calendar construction as a representative for „Everything that IS“, the wholeness and the union with the other world. Wholeness in polarity does not work without a woman – and therefore you cannot be a druid without a woman!

At the solstice there was a procession from the Heuneburg over the present day Bad Saulgau to Mettis. Yes, you could walk it today…

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The celebration lasted all day and all night until sunrise. And then it was really celebrated. We started with the sunrise, in the evening – at dusk – the solstice fire was lit. This was only available for the solstice celebrations in summer and winter. The big fire was lit between the cult place and the festival place .

The moon festivals were of course also celebrated, but without procession. Samhain or Beltane, the main moon celebrations, there was then also sometimes 2 or also 3 days celebrated. Equinox was not celebrated.

The wife of the druid had a similar position as the druid – but that was not called druid.

There was a special name – but not priestess……..that was the fairy queen!

…the queen of the fairies! . . .she represents the entities of nature. . .

The procession starts with the sunrise and with an opening event at the Heuneburg. On the way, various stations are set up where certain beings are honoured and integrated. Halfway along the way was the cult site of today’s Bad Saulgau, where a longer break was also planned.

These are natural beings and also those that have been handed down to us as „mythical figures“, so that in the course of the procession all the important elements are addressed and integrated

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Then comes the final event at the Kultplatz. It is divided into two parts, one at arrival and one at sunrise. In between is „festive hustle and bustle“ .

A hot night around the solstice fire….

The Catholic Church adopted this pattern in the „Corpus Christi procession“. But of course without „festive hustle and bustle“ – there then comes a „Mass“ at the end.

Only couples are allowed to take part in the procession, singles are not, because the whole event ends in a jointly celebrated holy wedding….


It is about making the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine present in each participant and merging with the Divine Whole.

The druids wait while the sun rises over the wooden pillars, they pray for a fruitful year, young girls dance slowly and their bodies and move sensually and rhythmically to the sound of drums and music. The souls of the young men inflame with passion.

And again a new cycle begins .


When one deals with spiritual development, there comes a time – as the mystic Angelus Silesius writes

„Friend! Hold on!

You’ve read enough!

Become the writing itself –

and even the BEING!

We are all part of the BEING. In modern terms: fractals.


You’re not reading this at random, and I’m not telling you this „at random“….

When I am busy trying to regulate my life and life in general differently, I don’t get so upset about this corrupt policy. Yes, it does bother me a lot.

….we are ONE with all that IS……

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It’s no „coincidence“ that we’re not taught any of this in school…

The Book:

Das verbotene Wissen der Kelten