The World Wide Web of the Trees


The forests and the trees have a problem. Their natural communication via the ground is permanently disturbed by extremely massive interventions of mankind in the natural system. All that is needed is to pass a federal road through a forest – and the communication is gone.

Now, however, the big forests would be able to influence the climate. They have been doing this for millions of years. If you interrupt the communication of the forests, they can no longer start „coordinated actions“. Not to mention the fact that „we“ are increasingly affecting the forests on this planet……

That’s why I was first asked to do something for this communication when I started communicating with the trees. This is done with the help of crystals and is not an electromagnetic form of communication. The trees gave me the idea how to do this and now I do not only make such „connections“ myself – I am looking for participants….. How this works, I have described in this article……

I have a big oak friend near my daughter’s house in the Dachau backlands with a trunk circumference of five and a half meters.

My Oak-Friend

When I realized that I could talk to her when I looked at a picture of her, I asked her how she was doing. Bad – she answered. There were problems with the farmer on whose field she is standing – she is also under nature protection, and I helped her once. Then I asked her if I had to come?

Yes, she said, urgently….

So the next time I visit her I go straight to her – nothing was there, she was standing there nice and green and all….

Then I asked her: Aha, you only wanted me to visit you! Yes, that’s it. She was longing for me. A few weeks ago I visited her again, she had a black coating on the leaves. I ask her, can you handle it yourself?


Hmmm… What do you need? Fertilizer or something?

Colloidal silver?

Yeah, I need that….

Then I gave her a bottle of silver water, put it in two watering cans. Seemed like little – but she said that’s enough. Four weeks later, the black coating was gone.
Now she wanted colloidal copper, I gave her that too, even a small bottle, that was enough too. Now I just don’t know what she needs it for, for her immune system. Yes, it is an important trace element that is not found in the soil in sufficient quantities. It’s even more effective against mould. Humans need it too. They say 2 mg a day.
Humans and animals need this for fertility and for the activity of the musculature. Without copper no strength.

The trees are much smarter than we generally think, they already know what they need themselves. They also know exactly how old they are themselves. My oak is 370 years old.

And there is much more to tell. The trees want to build a large network beyond the root contact. Their own www. They have given me instructions on how to do this – with crystals!

If a tree is equipped with them, all those who are locally connected via their root system can contact them via it. There are special „leading trees“ in every forest and in every forest, which are relatively easy to find. If you can already communicate with the trees, they will lead you there.

Rock crystals and amethysts work best 3 pieces placed in the root system near the trunk at the main roots. One with the tip pointing downwards, e.g. an amethyst, one pointing outwards and one inwards…. then it works. Even very small crystals will do, but they should be activated before, at least in a singing bowl or – if you can – by your own energy. If you do that with the tensor, the trees will tell you exactly where they want to have some.

Optimal size

Once you have set the crystals, you can also get in contact with the tree yourself at any time without seeing a picture of it. They also like it when you give them names. Actually clear, because then it is easier to address them directly.

Rock crystals and amethysts work best. 3 pieces placed in the root system near the trunk at the main roots. One with the tip pointing down, e.g. an amethyst, one pointing outwards and one pointing inwards….. then that works. Only very small crystals are sufficient, but they should be activated beforehand, at least in a singing bowl. When you do that with the tensor, the trees also tell you exactly where they want some.

To the large leading roots near the trunk

For example, dig about 10 cm deep with a pocket knife, right at the root

Here is the one placed with the tip inwards

It’s about time

Yeah, it’s about time. The whole of nature is just waiting for us humans to come to our senses and to free ourselves from our pathological ego delusions, towards a holistic consciousness. Only with a holistic consciousness the communication with nature and with the „other world“ succeeds.

It is quite obvious that the imperial method of the rule of ego-madness is about to ruin this planet and its ecosystem.

Only in close cooperation with nature and especially with the trees can we turn the page. We help the trees by providing them with a www. By the way, this is not electromagnetic in nature and therefore cannot be intercepted. Maybe it is possible to use it in other ways, the trees would love to participate.

The Lady of the Lake…

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