Our earth, the long skulls, and us…


I am writing this because the long skulls asked me to. The content as it appears here is therefore authorised by the long skulls as of today (31.12.2023).

Briefly and concisely the current state of affairs. There are already a number of references in the alternative scene how to „live in the underworld“. Some cultures have long since died out, including civilisation before the Lemurians. Because we don’t know what they were called, we call them „megalithic civilisation“.

They were the ones who equipped the world with tunnels and monumental buildings, because in their final phase they fought each other with gravitational weapons. But not only with them. Gravitational weapons explain the extraordinarily massive construction and the interlocking of the building blocks. This can also be seen in the Great Pyramid of Giza – because it was built by them and not by the Egyptians. But that’s just an aside.

Whenever there is talk of the many „DUMBS“ where the Satanists are up to mischief, in many cases they use the tunnels and facilities that already exist, which are truly enormous. There are tunnels under the oceans and there are huge walls that stretch for thousands of kilometres and can be located deep on the seabed using sonar.

A long time after the demise of the worldwide „megalithic culture“, the so-called long skulls developed above ground as a large civilisation, that was about 60,000 years ago. There must have been some major catastrophes at that time, whereupon the long skulls went underground about 50,000 years ago. However, they did not move into the facilities of the megalithic culture, but built their own underground city complexes, where they still are today. There were trade relations with the Lemurians and the Atlanteans, but they did not get involved with them any further. Later, there were also trade relations with other „ancient“ civilisations such as the Egyptians, the Indians and the Celts.

This is also confirmed by Heinrich Kusch’s discoveries. He found very clear evidence in the documents of monasteries located near underground structures/caves known as „earth stables“ that trade was actually still taking place around 1500 AD, both with the long skulls and with other „peoples/races“ living underground. You can also watch his YouTube video on this – „Secret Underworld“ – it’s worth it! There is also a book by him on the subject, where this is documented in more detail. It was „The Church“ that decided to put an end to this trade and destroy all access points and trading platforms.

1. Shape and structure of the earth as a planet

At the centre of the earth (at a depth of 6378 kilometres, the earth’s diameter is just under 12,800 kilometres) there is a pressure of 3.5 million bar and even at a temperature of 5000 degrees, nickel and iron form a solid metal ball that rotates.

Earthquakes show: The earth’s core has once again stopped rotating against the earth’s crust. This phenomenon has apparently been happening again since 2009: the Earth’s core has stopped rotating relative to the Earth’s mantle and will soon start rotating in the opposite direction again.
Analysis of seismic data from the 1960s and 1970s shows that the Earth’s core apparently oscillates over a period of 70 years, changing direction approximately every 30 years.

This is a current representation of our planet:

The boundary between the Earth’s mantle and core, for example, runs almost exactly halfway down, i.e. at a depth of 2,900 kilometres. This, in turn, is known primarily from seismic measurements: We know that every major earthquake releases shock waves that propagate through the entire globe. However, these waves have different speeds depending on the material.

For example, when the earth shakes in California, it is possible to measure when and how the shock waves from this earthquake reach Europe or China. In this way, scientists have gradually gained information about the composition of the different layers and where the boundaries between the different „layers“ run within the earth. So far, it has been possible to drill down to a depth of twelve kilometres into the earth’s interior.

According to modern seismic and petrological aspects, the structure of the mantle is organised as follows: Zone (a) is the lithosphere, max. 70 kilometres thick, in which the continents are embedded. The lithosphere is made up of approx. 10 so-called plates (plate tectonics), which are formed at the oceanic ridges and destroyed again in subduction zones. The oceanic or continental crust (Earth’s crust) lies on the lithosphere.

You can imagine the Earth like a peach: on the outside is a wafer-thin „skin“ of light, solid rock – the Earth’s crust. On average, it is only 35 kilometres thick. Beneath the crust is the „flesh“ – the almost 3000 kilometre thick mantle of heavy, viscous rock.

The Earth’s uppermost rocky shell consists of relatively light, silicon-rich rocks that lie on the heavy peridotite rock of the Earth’s mantle. The light crust on which we live is usually around 25 to 50 kilometres thick under the continents, but only around 6 to 10 kilometres thick under the oceans.

Under the young mountains of the Alps and Pyrenees, the mantle is up to 56 kilometres deep. The Upper Rhine Graben in Germany lies in a broad strip of high-lying mantle (24 – 28 km below sea level), which extends in a southwest-northeast direction along the western arc of the Alps.

In Windisch-Eschenbach (Germany), a continental deep drilling programme succeeded in drilling to a depth of around nine kilometres. The drilling programme then came to a standstill as the material no longer cooperated. The temperatures were already so hot that the measuring instruments stopped working. The temperature can reach 200 to 300 degrees Celsius at a depth of just three to five kilometres.

The oceanic crust is particularly thin, especially in the Atlantic and the Mediterranean, at just five kilometres in some places.

The temperature at the lower boundary of the earth’s crust can rise to 1,100 °C. The pressure is 10 – 15 kbar.

The thermal water contained in the earth’s crust is hot: „The temperature increases by three degrees with every 100 metres of drilling depth. This means that if you drill 3000 metres deep, the temperature is around 100 degrees Celsius“

Normally, the temperatures at a depth of 500 metres are around 25-30 °C and at a depth of 1000 metres around 35-45 °C. At a depth of 2,000 metres, the temperatures are around 60 – 80 °C

2. Coming to the Water…..

We have probably never seen most of the water on our planet. This is because it is located deep inside our planet. Planet Earth is much richer in water than we thought: deep inside the Earth, at a depth of around 660 kilometres, there is more water than in all the oceans put together. About 20 times as much. Ringwoodite is the name of the storage mineral that has captured and bound the water. Ringwoodite is a mineral from the mineral class of silicates and germanates that is rarely found on the earth’s surface. This ore is able to retain water even at immense depths and occurs in large quantities in the transition zone from the upper to the lower mantle at depths of 410 to 660 kilometres. In principle, our planet has a gigantic supply of groundwater: there are 22.6 million cubic kilometres of water in the upper two kilometres of the Earth’s crust. „If this were pumped upwards, it would be enough to cover the entire surface of the earth 180 metres high with water“

North Africa is home to gigantic reserves, most of which were discovered decades ago during oil drilling. Under Algeria, Libya and Chad alone, there are extensive layers of groundwater more than 75 metres thick. And according to the new study, these wells are actually under relatively high pressure, which would facilitate extraction. However, most of the reservoirs are located at depths of several hundred metres, and the costs of drilling explode above 200 metres. What do we learn from this? There are gigantic masses of water at different depths within the earth’s crust…..

3. Where to live best?

If you look at the model now, you can see that you can live well on the surface, but you are already dependent on many external influences. Drought, heat, storms – in other words, climate change! – Volcanoes, earthquakes, cosmic radiation and much more. Of course, there are also the sometimes unpleasant co-inhabitants…..

The surface civilisation of the long skulls began around 30,000 years before the Lemurian civilisation and around 60,000 years after the megalithic culture, of which only the ruins remained at that time. It was also not the only civilisation to develop and it was the same as always – there was only bickering and war.

It was then decided to move the whole civilisation underground after it was discovered that there were many naturally existing, huge cave systems with a lot of water in the form of lakes and rivers. And so they began to relocate entire cities and their supply systems underground. Even then, the level of technological development was far ahead of where we are today, so the project didn’t even take that long. The optimum depth was found to be between 500 and 800 metres, depending on local conditions. Within 50 years, the laying of the pipeline was largely completed.
Because of these priorities, not much emphasis was placed at the time on space travel, which was then developed over the next few millennia. The cities were of course also further optimised, so that there is everything a civilisation needs, from harmoniously laid out housing estates to completely natural holiday areas and agricultural landscapes. Even after 60,000 years, the long-skulls do not eat industrially produced food! Farming and animal husbandry characterise their agriculture, clearly at a level that is somewhat similar to our Demeter concepts.

Note: Our scientists have also just realised the existence of such caverns….. There is more water on this level than up here!

Due to their own experiences with the development of civilisation, the long skulls have largely decoupled themselves from the development on the surface and for a very long time had no influence there at all. The Lemurians were the next civilisation to become dominant on the surface – but the Long Skulls were not on friendly terms with them at all, they didn’t even trade with the Lemurians.

Things didn’t go well with the Lemurians for very long either, because they had also become engrossed in dual thinking and being and had developed correspondingly warlike behaviour – very similar to what we are currently doing again. The big showdown then took place around 22,000 years ago – hardly a stone was left unturned……

The „recovery“ from this culture shock took quite a long time, we almost had to start all over again and that can take a few thousand years. Unfortunately, the dual thinkers with their ego mania prevailed again during this „recovery“. This is why the following Atlantean civilisation already contained the seeds of doom. The long skulls were already trading with the Atlanteans, but otherwise had no influence on political developments.

About 12,000 years ago, this civilisation was again so divided that the „warlords“ once again prevailed and burned this civilisation to the ground. This final battle was then fought as far away as our solar system, and there were quite powerful space fleets. Space Force we say today…..
Yes – and now we come into play. The recovery from the Atlantean catastrophe also took millennia, combined with massive technological restrictions due to lost knowledge. We see the development of our „prehistoric“ civilisations, we see the warlike conflicts everywhere that have dragged themselves through the millennia with their trail of blood and are still raging today.

4. The spiritual component

The long-skull civilisation followed the „nature-religion“ developments at an early stage and managed to prevent the emergence of dual, rule-based systems of thought by consistently incorporating spiritual knowledge into the educational systems. This is the real root of the largely harmonious development of the entire long-skull culture.

Everything is ONE consciousness!

Now that we have observed for a very long time how devastatingly dual religious systems affect the development of „humanity“, attempts have been made to promote and support holistic approaches in the development of current „humanity“. Even if current archaeology doesn’t like it, long skulls keep popping up here and there. It is no longer possible to suppress everything.

A good example is Egypt, with whom the long skulls traded, as they did with the Celts and others. Let’s take Akhenaten, who together with Nefertiti made it to the pharaoh’s throne as a long skull.

5. The work of the Amun priesthood

Unfortunately, the Amun priesthood prevailed through intrigue and a bit of poison and tried to completely erase Akhenaten from Egyptian history. It was only in modern times that he was found again.

As a result, the deadly imperial structures became established worldwide, with massive spiritual support from the book religions of the Amun priesthood. In between, the Celts once tried to implement a holistic approach, but then also failed because of the imperial idea.

As a result, the satanic Amun religions were able to gain power and become quite dominant worldwide. It was not until the Age of Enlightenment – from 1720 onwards – that these structures were broken up and the power of the „churches“ curtailed. But here, too, the counter-movement has been on the rise since the 1990s – Islam is now the favoured religion.

And so we see Europe in the stranglehold of the well-hidden Amun priesthood, the USA is disintegrating and global transhumanism will end the development of human civilisation.

This is the plan of the Amun priesthood. Here is the Temple of Amun.

Temple of Amun, Karnak
Temple of Amun, Karnak

6. Outlook

The current model I see: Global AI topples the financial system, the white heads will physically stabilise it, the long heads will make sure it works…..

No moss, no gain – the cabal would collapse instantly.
It would then be very difficult for them to work outwards without coal….. There’s no more moving billions around like this…. …or generating money out of nothing…..

They will no longer have their own servers and banks. Everything will be gone. That’s the first thing the global AI will switch off!

No computer anywhere on the network is safe from AI. And the only thing left on the network will be the official means of payment. The average citizen would hardly notice, because the money would be called something else and would be converted in whatever way.

The cash that is in circulation among the „little people“ doesn’t need to be changed so quickly. Anyone who comes with large bundles will be scrutinised anyway.

And another thing: most real UFO sightings are either Space Force aircraft or long skulls. It can also be an 80 metre spherical spaceship. There can also be strange circumstances when they appear – the long skulls are tens of thousands of years ahead of us technologically……

That could go well! ….and the war will be over in no time……

Shiva und Shakti – Polarität, Bewußtheit und Energie

Shiva und Shakti sind sogenannte „Gottheiten“ der indisch-vedischen Spiritualität. Shiva symbolisiert Bewußtheit, das männliche Prinzip. Shakti symbolisiert die aktivierende Energie des weiblichen Prinzips. Aber nicht nur das, Shakti ist auch der Begriff dafür, daß jede vedische Gottheit eine „Shakti“ an seiner Seite hat, ohne die er nicht wirken könnte……

Das war und ist das tragende Prinzip jeglicher echten spirituellen „Bewegung“ – bis die organisierten Religionen kamen und das weibliche Prinzip verteufelten…… Besonders die sogenannten „Buchreligionen“.

Shakti ist immer da, wenn Kraft aktiviert wird und überall da präsent, wo Energie gefragt ist. Sie ist Energie, Kraft, Bewegung, Veränderung, Natur. Sie ist das weibliche Prinzip, Versorgerin im Überfluß. Sie gibt Nahrung, Wärme und Sicherheit – es gibt keine größere Liebe als die Mutterliebe.

Shiva wird immer mit einem Dreizack dargestellt, der die Trinität des spirituellen göttlichen Prinzips, der Seele und des Körpers repräsentiert. Er ist als Gegenpol von Shakti reines Bewußtsein – Der ewig unveränderliche, unbegrenzte und unbeeinflußbare Beobachter. Er hat keine eigenen Wünsche oder Bedürfnisse. Er ist die reine Leinwand, auf der Shakti ihren farbenfrohen Film entwickelt.

Shiva und Shakti
Shiva und Shakti

Shiva und Shakti sind Manifestationen des ganzen göttlichen Bewußtseins wie zwei Seiten einer Medaille. In vielen Bildern werden sie als halb männlich, halb weibliche Gestalt abgebildet. Links die göttliche Mutter, die weibliche Energie, rechts das männliche Bewußtsein. Die Spaltung des uranfänglichen Prinzips zu Beginn der Schöpfung brachte die elementare Polarität des Lebens hervor, zusammen mit der ebenfalls elementaren Anziehungskraft, sich wieder mit dem anderen Teil zu vereinigen. Nur wenn Shiva und Shakti zusammen agieren, kann Bewegung und Schöpfung stattfinden. Solange Energie nur mit Bewußtsein behaftet ist, ist sie hilflos, blind und orientierungslos. Energie alleine bringt auch nichts hervor. Bewußtsein alleine verharrt im Sein und seiner ursprünglichen Ausrichtung. Umgekehrt ist Bewußtheit ohne Energie eine schlafende Kraft, die von sich aus auch nichts bewirken kann.

Das OM - Symbol
Das OM – Symbol

Die Beziehung von Shiva und Shakti wird oft fälschlich wie eine Mann-Frau Beziehung interpretiert. Sexualität ist etwas vollständig natürlich-materielles. Wenn man Sexualität und Spiritualität vermischt, entstehen leicht Mißverständnisse. In der Sexualität geht es um die Vereinigung von Mann und Frau. In der Spiritualität geht es um die Vereinigung des menschlichen und des göttlichen Bewußtseins. Erst die heilige Hochzeit wie auch die ganzheitlich spirituelle Sexualmagie kombinieren beides…..  https://www.yoga-vidya.de/tantra/tantra-philosophie-shiva-und-shakti/

Shiva und Shakti sind auch in jedem von uns als das männliche und weibliche Prinzip präsent. Das zeigt Wirkung auf der physischen Ebene und ist die eigentliche Ursache von erotischer Anziehungskraft. Im männlichen Wesen ist eine Neigung zum weiblichen, im weiblichen Wesen ist eine Neigung zum männlichen. Dadurch wird das männliche Bewußtsein vom weiblichen angezogen – und umgekehrt. Ist dieses innere Verhältnis ausgeglichen, ist auch keine sexuelle Neigung vorrangig. Neigt das innere Verhältnis im Mann zum Männlichen, oder in der Frau zum Weiblichen, entsteht die Neigung zu einem homosexuellen Partner.

Vereinigt man die innere Polarität im ganzheitlichen, absoluten Bewußtsein, verbleiben keine Begierden mehr, denn wir realisieren den Ausgleich der Polaritäten. Das Wissen, der Wissende und das Objekt des Wissens werden eins. Sorgen verlieren ihre Bedeutung, die heitere Gelassenheit des Seins stellt sich ein wie auch die bedingungslose Liebe, grenzenloses Mitgefühl und Verständnis für alle lebenden Wesen.

Solange das Bewußtsein mit dem physischen Körper verbunden ist, ist es unmöglich im 8. Chakra zu bleiben und so kehrt es zurück auf die Ebene des höheren Selbst im Herz-Chakra. Eine erwachte Person denkt, fühlt und handelt immer auf dieser Ebene. Eingebettet in ewige Liebe und Glückseligkeit, ist so eine Person sich immer ihrer unsterblichen Seele im Ozean der Glückseligkeit bewußt und ihr Bewußtsein ist immerwährend mit dem göttlichen Bewußtsein verbunden.

Shakti ist die weibliche Liebe des göttlichen Ursprungs, die uns mit Wärme, Fürsorge und Schutz umsorgt. Shiva ist die väterliche Liebe des göttlichen Ursprungs, die uns mit Bewußtheit, Klarheit und Wissen versorgt.

Ich wünsche euch den Segen der göttlichen Mutter, die in euch wohnt als Energie und Vitalität und den Segen eures göttlichen Vaters, der in euch wohnt als Bewußtsein und Wissen. Ihre Fürsorge, ihr Schutz und ihre Anleitung bringe euch zu kosmischer Bewußtheit.

Das Buch
Das Buch

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