Communication with trees

I have a big oak tree friend near the house of my daughter in the Munich backcountry with five and a half meters trunk girth. When I realized I was able to talk to her when I look at a picture of her, I asked her

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„how are you?“ 

„Bad“ – she replied.

There were problems with the farmer on whose field she stands – she is also under Nature conservation, and I helped her once. And then I asked if I had to come?

„Yes“  she said, „urgently….“

Next time I was in southern germany  I visited her – nothing was there, she stood there nice and green and so on….

Then I asked her: „Aha, you just wanted me to visit you!“

Yes, that’s it. She had… Longing for me. A few weeks later I visited her again, because she had a black coating on the leaves.

I ask her „can you handle it yourself?“

„No….“ she said 

„Hmmm… what do you need? Fertilizer or somthing else?“


„Ah, You need Colloidal silver?“

„Yeah, I need that…. !“

I gave her a quarter liter of coloidal Silver, distributed in 2 watering cans. It didn’t seem much to me. But she said – that’s enough. 4 weeks later, the plaque was gone.

Now she wanted colloidal Copper, that’s what I gave her, a little bottle too, that was also enough. I just don’t know what for. She needs it for her immune system. Yeah, that’s an important Trace element that is not sufficiently present in the soil. It has an even stronger effect against mould. People need it too, they say 2 mg a day.

People and animals need it for the fertility and for the activity of the muscles. Without copper no force.

The trees are much smarter than we are usually thinking, they know what they need themselves. Also they know exactly how old they are themselves. My oak is 370 years old.

And there’s a lot more to tell. The trees want to build a large, global network. Inside any wood or evenbig Forests they are already connected directly – a kind of local network. But they want to be connected worldwide by means of an ethereal network…. And they gave me instructions on how to do that – with crystals!

If one tree is equipped with it, all those who are connected locally can use it.

And if you go into any forest, they show you up, to what tree the crystals shall be put on….

Rock crystals and amethysts. 3 pieces placed in the root system near the stem at the roots. One with the tip pointing downwards, one pointing outwards and one pointing inwards……………………..

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Even very small crystals are enough, but they should be activated before, at least in a singing bowl. If you do that with the tensor, the trees will tell you exactly where they want to have some. Now there is already a network from Lake Constance to Berlin .

You are kindly invited, to expand it…..

Lady of the Lake