The Virtual Brotherhood

Few are those who terrorize and exploit this world for the sake of their personal power. It won’t take much more than that to end this.

One thing is quite clear: it will not work with hierarchical systems, parties, associations, religious orders, etc. It is imperative to overcome the dual thinking, towards a holistic consciousness. This problem will not be solved on the level on which it has arisen. It must be solved just one level higher.

The name of the brotherhood cannot be given. It is „The Brotherhood“.

Der mystische Weg
The Mystic Path

The members know, if they belong to it. Whether it’s „male“ or „female“. Two-dimensional hierarchical thinkers won’t even be able to recognize them. The Brotherhood works. Knowledge is what binds them together.

The Virtual Brotherhood

Thinking is creating – a thinker lives in the world of his own conscious creation. Everything that exists has been thought before. Even good and evil. Once you know how to think correctly, you can magically create anything you want – be it a new personality, a new environment or a new world! The best thing is to start right away!

The time has come – perhaps you can see it – when you must put aside all accumulated knowledge, all teachings, all religions, all authority, all external revelations. You are just awakening to the awareness of the presence of the higher self within you, to the fact that all authority, all teachings and religions that come from any external source – however high or holy – can no longer have any influence on you unless they become a means for you to turn inward to your higher self, to the ultimate authority in all matters, no matter what.

So why seek in the past – in religion, human knowledge or in the experiences of others – the help and guidance that your higher self alone can give? Forget all that has been. The past is dead. Why burden your soul with dead things? Just as far as you cling to the past, you still live in the past and cannot have anything to do with the Being itself, which lives in the ever-present Now, the Eternal.

Yes, I work „it“ through you, since you are an expression of Me, since only through you, My quality, I can express My Self, I AM. I AM because you are. You are because I express My Self.

I AM in you as the oak is in the acorn. You are I, as the sunbeam is the sun. You are a fractal, a phase of me that expresses me. You, one of My divine attributes, are constantly trying to express My perfection through your mortal personality.

Get to work, it is time!

All members of the fraternity are equal – whether man or woman. And everyone promotes the interests of the whole organization in his or her own way. The idea of an independent „group being“ alongside individualities helps to exploit the phenomena of strong synergies. A synergetic team uses all the abilities of all members and is all the more effective the more different the personality profiles are.

The Group
The Group

The „group being“ of the organization automatically makes it much more effective than hierarchical systems. Why? One result of the „group being“ is intuition, which develops as a form of higher communication, which in turn is based on the existence of the higher intelligence of the „group being“. Every member of a group brings the willingness to allow and accept this intuition.

The virtual brotherhood works! The more people participate, the more the „Old System“ dries up. Until it disappears without trace like a nightmare

Die Kriegerin